Internet and Mobile Banking Instructions

Below are simple instructions for initial sign-in:

We appreciate your patience and cooperation is making this transition to our better banking system. See below for the added features and benefits you can now experience.

Exciting enhancements are here!

No matter what device you prefer to use, now you can enjoy a better experience with lots of new and exciting options.

  • Control your money. 
  • Protect your accounts.
  • Understand your finances.

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Online Banking - A More Robust Experience!

Our online banking has been completely re-vamped and has a fresh, new look.  New features allow you to manage your money and view your spending habits like never before.

New feature items:

  • Same look and feel between Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Attach images/receipts to a transaction for more enhanced record-keeping
  • Enhanced security and authentication to keep your data safe
  • Toggle switch to deactivate/reactivate your debit card
  • Assign nicknames to cards and accounts for easier identification
  • Ability to quickly & easily search transactions
  • Money Manager allows you to categorize your spending and link accounts from other banks to view your full financial picture at once
  • Move Money – centralizes payments, transfers (external and internal), external payments, bill pay and person-to-person into one location
  • Bill Pay – More easily view, edit and add payees
  • Alerts - manage security and receive alerts for many situations
  • Active chat/phone support assistance (7am – 1am M - F)
  • Many more features!


Mobile Banking

Our new mobile app is like a bank in the palm of your hand.  Existing features will be expanded to make banking even easier!  Our mobile app also has the same look, feel and features of our new Internet Banking.  These include:

  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Attach images/receipts to a transaction for more enhanced record-keeping
  • Easier navigation
  • Ability to search transactions
  • Money Manager feature allows you to categorize your spending and link accounts from other banks to view your full financial picture at once
  • Easier access to Bill Pay options
  • Move Money – incorporates bill pay, person to person and the ability to move money from bank to bank – all in one feature
  • Alerts - so you always know what's going on with your money
  • Find our office locations and ATM's - interactive mapping
  • Debit card management


Money Management Tools

Internet and mobile banking has built-in Personal Financial Management tools and widgets so you can manage your money like never before.  

Money Manager - allows you to categorize your spending so you know where each dollar is going. It shows you trends so you can adjust your spending decisions and keep to a budget. You can also link deposit accounts, investments and loans you may have elsewhere so you can see your full financial picture in one spot. Not all financial institutions are supported, but more than 17,000 are, which makes managing and viewing your money easier than ever.

The tools and widgets include:

  • Personalized dashboard
  • Cash flow calendar
  • Net worth tracking
  • Budget widget
  • Categorize spending
  • Ability to connect accounts from other banks

Digital Payments

We recognize that online and mobile bill pay is a must-have service for our customers.  We have researched the best tools to deliver a customizable payment option that meet the needs of customers and small business owners. Our digital payments solution gives you the flexibility to perform transactions when you want and how you want.  

  • View, schedule, and track payments online.
  • Enable text and email alerts as well as payment reminders.
  • Account customization for consumer and commercial customers. 
  • Options for e-billing and expedited payment capabilities.
  • Statements and notices at your fingertips.  


Debit Card Management

Take greater control of your debit card and protect your accounts!  Our new debit card management allows you to:

  • De-activate or Re-activate your debit card  
    • Toggle off your card when not using
    • Toggle on when you need it
    • More secure control over your card
  • View an image of each card for easy identification
  • Further identify your cards with nicknames
  • Receive custom text and email alerts
  • Use Android Fingerprint and iPhone X FaceID biometric options for authentication