Community Fuels Cash Mob

Community Fuels Cash Mob

“Small business or big business, business is about people and people are about community.” ~Unknown

Every business helps support various aspects of a community. From jobs and money, to volunteering at local events and projects. It’s the businesses that are active in the community that reap the real rewards of business and enhance the lives of local community members.   

To increase community involvement between businesses and customers, we have taken part in Shop Small, Small Business Saturday, and CASH MOB! All three support local community development by promoting the growth of the neighborhood’s businesses.  The newest of the bunch is what we are focusing on today…CASH MOB!

Minnesota National Bank Fuels Community Growth Through the Power of Cash Mobs

A cash mob involves an organized group going to a local business and spending money there. Minnesota National Bank will be cash mobbing local businesses in Pelican Rapids, Sauk Centre and Long Prairie all year long. We will give each of our employees $10 to spend at the local business we are cash mobbing. This will be a surprise to the businesses… we will be posting photos of our cash mobs on Facebook so stay tuned!

The overall goal of a cash mob is to support the local community. Local (non-national) businesses are 65% more likely to reinvest their money earned into their local community, and they invest nearly 4 TIMES the amount of national companies. If Americans in the average city shifted ONLY 10% of their spending to local businesses it would bring nearly $235 MILLION DOLLARS to that community. So when you shop local it’s helping you, your neighbor, and your community!

Check out some photos of a recent cash mob at MEADS Department Store of Sauk Centre, Minnesota, ACE HARDWARE of Long Prairie, Minnesota, and TAQUERIA ESCOBAR of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota on our Facebook page and stay tuned for more mobs!