Employee Spotlight - Ryan Jacobson & Kelly Peterson

Employee Spotlight - Ryan Jacobson & Kelly Peterson

Our employees mean a lot to us and our customers. That’s why we are excited about two recent moves.

For the past few years, Ryan Jacobson has done an exceptional job as a Loan Officer in our Long Prairie office. Now Ryan, who is originally from Fergus Falls, has moved closer to home, joining our team in Pelican Rapids.

Ryan is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for hunting, fishing and golfing. It’s his enjoyment in these activities, and the unique challenges in each, that’s made him such a good Loan Officer. He always looks out for our customers’ best interest.

Replacing Ryan in Long Prairie is Kelly Peterson. Before you even meet Kelly, you’ll love her warm smile, but behind that smile is a highly intelligent person with a great sense of adventure.

Kelly recently spent time camping and fishing in the boundary waters with her family, and then took a hiking trip in Utah. While she loves to travel, she also has many other interests including ice skating, crafts, reading and, best of all, shopping – which is ideal when she is helping you shop for the perfect loan.

One funny quirk about Kelly is that she loves tomato juice. She even dips popcorn in it!

Kelly and Ryan are excited to be working in their new offices in Long Prairie and Pelican Rapids, and look forward to being an active part of the community.

Contact Ryan (Ryan.Jacobson@mn-bank.com) at our Pelican Rapids office or Kelly (Kelly.Peterson@mn-bank.com) at our Long Prairie office for any of your loan needs.