I won an iPad! Now what?

I won an iPad! Now what?

1. Nerf Gun Target. Put on a home movie video. When your wierd cousin appears...he is your target!

2. Virtual Aquarium. Download a fish aquarium video. They are easy to find. Boom. Instant Virtual Aquarium.

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3. Entertain your cat. Cats love aquariums. See above.

4. Karaoke Machine. Download USing Karaoke. Download up to 300,000 songs. Go nuts, scare your neighbors.

5. Mood Lighting. The iPad has plenty of apps that will set the mood just right for you, with shifting colors or solid tones. Woo your girlfriend/boyfriend as only an Apple Fanboy/Fangirl can. 

6. Fireplace. Yes, of course. There is an iPad app that simulates a fireplace. Now you don't have to wait for the holidays to watch a fireplace on television!

7. We heard one guy even used it to surf the web!

So, there you go. Enter our contest and enter to win an iPad. Your cat will thank you.