Lunch & Learn Event Discusses New Overtime Regulations

Lunch & Learn Event Discusses New Overtime Regulations

Minnesota National Bank and the Sauk Centre Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a Lunch and Learn that discussed the new overtime law which goes into effect December 1, 2016. There were about 40 people in attendance as this topic pertains to most if not all small businesses.

Our speakers, Andy Tanick and David McKinney, two experienced Human Resources attorneys from the Minneapolis office of Ogletree Deakins, a large national law firm that exclusively represents business on labor and employment issues, presented an informative discussion to help employers, big and small, comply with current and upcoming wage and hour laws. 

The event answered important questions regarding the laws such as:

  • Do those new overtime regulations apply to my small business?
  • Agricultural workers aren't entitled to overtime pay, right?
  • My employees get tips - does that count toward the minimum wage?
  • Can I make deductions from an employee's final paycheck, if he still owes the company money?
  • Do I have to pay overtime if the hours were not approved or authorized?
  • Can an employee choose to work through her lunch break and just leave a half-hour earlier?
  • Instead of paying an employee overtime, can I give him "comp time" the following week?
  • What happens if an employee has to take a call during his lunch break?
  • If an employee is salaried, do we have to pay her overtime?
  • Do I have to pay my employee for time she spends putting on her work clothes, or traveling between work sites?
  • Can I avoid having to pay benefits by making someone an independent contractor instead of an employee?

You can see the video of the entire Lunch and Learn session by clicking the above video or by clicking this link - Andy Tanick is certified as a specialist in labor and employment law by the Minnesota State Bar Association, and he has represented several Sauk Centre business owners in employment issues.