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Supporting Local Businesses

Posted by Luke Riordan on Wed, Nov 26, 2014 @ 06:33 PM

When it comes to giving this holiday season, remember that purchasing a gift or service from your local small business will not only impact the person receiving the gift, but the business owner, and local community, as well. This Saturday, November 29, is Small Business Saturday! It is important to get out and show your support to the businesses in our area.


While many large chain stores have hundreds of employees, and gross millions of dollars per year, small business owners dedicate their own time and hard work into creating an enjoyable atmosphere for their customers. When you think of the amount of small businesses that surround us every day, it is impressive what owners have to do not only to start their business, but to stay alive after they do so.


If each person spent $100 at a local business this holiday season, instead of at a chain store, it would put nearly $3 million back into our economy, and create thousands more jobs per year. When you support a local business, it gives them the means to give back more in our community. Non-profit organizations are likely to receive nearly 250% more support from local businesses than large corporations each year.

There are lots of other benefits to shopping locally. Keeping your town unique and personable, having a local sports team, and reducing environmental impact are just some of the examples.


While you are out shopping this holiday season, make sure to keep in mind that how you spend your money can impact the way that your community operates and excels. Look around for us at Minnesota National Bank, supporting our local businesses this Saturday and the rest of the holiday season!

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Community Fuels Cash Mob

Posted by Luke Riordan on Mon, Mar 03, 2014 @ 02:57 PM

“Small business or big business, business is about people and people are about community.” ~Unknown

Every business helps support various aspects of a community. From jobs and money, to volunteering at local events and projects. It’s the businesses that are active in the community that reap the real rewards of business and enhance the lives of local community members.   

To increase community involvement between businesses and customers, we have taken part in Shop Small, Small Business Saturday, and CASH MOB! All three support local community development by promoting the growth of the neighborhood’s businesses.  The newest of the bunch is what we are focusing on today…CASH MOB!

Minnesota National Bank Fuels Community Growth Through the Power of Cash Mobs

A cash mob involves an organized group going to a local business and spending money there. Minnesota National Bank will be cash mobbing local businesses in Pelican Rapids, Sauk Centre and Long Prairie all year long. We will give each of our employees $10 to spend at the local business we are cash mobbing. This will be a surprise to the businesses… we will be posting photos of our cash mobs on Facebook so stay tuned!

The overall goal of a cash mob is to support the local community. Local (non-national) businesses are 65% more likely to reinvest their money earned into their local community, and they invest nearly 4 TIMES the amount of national companies. If Americans in the average city shifted ONLY 10% of their spending to local businesses it would bring nearly $235 MILLION DOLLARS to that community. So when you shop local it’s helping you, your neighbor, and your community!

Check out some photos of a recent cash mob at MEADS Department Store of Sauk Centre, Minnesota, ACE HARDWARE of Long Prairie, Minnesota, and TAQUERIA ESCOBAR of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota on our Facebook page and stay tuned for more mobs! 

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The Holidays at Minnesota National Bank

Posted by Luke Riordan on Wed, Dec 11, 2013 @ 03:06 PM

At Minnesota National Bank, we pride ourselves on getting to know each and every one of our customers. You’ll never feel like a stranger when you walk into Minnesota National Bank. We feel that building a strong relationship with the community is of utmost importance. To help get our local communities into the holiday spirit we participate in a number of local events.  


Last month, Minnesota National Bank participated in the Long Prairie Kick off Parade. We enjoyed seeing everyone’s smiling faces as we drove by in a pick-up truck with a giant snowman attached!


During December we always have holiday decorations up. At our Pelican Rapids location, we even have a lit tree outside! If you’re in the neighborhood this holiday season, be sure to stop by our locations and check them out!

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Although parades and holiday décor both get people into the holiday spirit, we believe giving back to the community is even more important. Sauk Centre’s “Sharing Tree” and Long Prairie’s “Caring Tree” have lists of gifts that people can buy for local families in need. This is just a small way that we get the community together to help those in need. Our Sauk Centre location also participated in Christmas for Seniors through Alternative Senior Care. This program allows people to donate to seniors who might not have loved ones around during the holiday season.

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To thank all of our customers during the holiday season, each location puts on a holiday open house. Our open houses include cookies, hot apple cider, and coffee! This year the Pelican Rapids location had Santa come and visit. Long Prairie’s Open House scheduled for Friday, will have sleigh rides with Santa’s reindeer! And if you want to win some door prizes, make sure you stop by Sauk Centre’s Open House!

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It’s our privilege to give back to our community, especially since so many people support our business every day. Our strong communities are what keep us going and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of them! We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.


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Stache For Cash

Posted by Luke Riordan on Fri, Nov 22, 2013 @ 10:56 AM

Happy Movember!

Stache for cash WEEK 3

At Minnesota National Bank, nothing is more important to us than giving back to the community. That’s why this month we are going to be giving away $100 dollars to one lucky charity. But we need your help! Each week in November we have been posting a photo of six Minnesota National Bank’s employees’ mustaches. Each week you can vote for your favorite mustache by commenting on that post. Whoever gets the most votes at the end of November will win and their selected charity will receive $100 from Minnesota National Bank!


Here is the list of charities:

Mike = St. Paul Church, Sauk Centre Elevator Fund

Allan= Prostate Cancer Foundation

Rick= Camphill Village of Minnesota

Ryan= Wounded Warrior Project

Eric= Pelican Rapids Food Shelf

Donald= Holy Family School Sauk Centre


So what are you waiting for? Vote for your favorite charity/mustache here.

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Summer Festivals in Sauk Centre, Pelican Rapids, and Long Prairie

Posted by Luke Riordan on Fri, Jul 12, 2013 @ 04:12 PM

One bank. Three towns. Minnesota National Bank knows how to do community.

Summer is the ultimate season for outdoor activities and events. There is so much to do and people should be taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and community events.

All three towns, Sauk Centre, Pelican Rapids, and Long Prairie host citywide festivals/fairs at some point in the summer!

Sauk Centre hosts its 43rd Annual Sinclair Lewis Days on July 14-21 this summer. Each day of the fair has something special planned. Some examples of what you’d find include music, fireworks, parades, ice cream socials, craft fairs, street dances, car shows, and a River Bats water ski show! This isn’t even half.  There are tons of activities for all ages.


Pelican Rapids hosts its Pelican Fest for two days this summer, July 12th and 13th. It has formerly been called “Turkey Days”. This event is also great for all ages, with activities such as a parade, turkey BBQ, beer garden, helicopter ride, ice cream social, and of course, a turkey race. 

Screen Shot 2013 07 12 at 3.13.11 PM

Last but not least, Long Prairie will host the Todd City Fair on August 14th-18th.  Join in the fun! There will be food stands, carnival rides, animals, bike shows, games, music, and more.

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All three fairs are more than one day long, so there is no excuse to miss, you can bet our staff will be in attendance! 

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