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Account Management Options

Posted by Luke Riordan on Wed, Apr 29, 2015 @ 12:33 PM

When it comes to money management, you probably have more options to control your money than you realize. Minnesota National Bank is here to help you utilize all the options you have available to you. Here are a few options we offer:

View Balances, Transactions, and Statements

Being able to view your balances whenever you want is huge in keeping track of your money. Through this service, you can see how much money you have, where you have spent it, and how much you have spent over certain periods of time. If you are working on keeping a budget, this is very helpful to have. You can see where you are spending most of your money and determine how you can cut back. It also helps with identity theft and stolen cards. You can check up on your most recent transactions and catch someone stealing your money quicker than your bank could.

Transfer Capabilities

Another service we offer is being able to transfer money between your own accounts and others. You have the ability to transfer money between your checking and savings accounts and vice versa. You can also transfer money from your account to your spouse’s or child’s account. This way, you have more control over where your money goes within the bank.

TheWayiPay service offers the ability to make secure payments from your Minnesota National Bank consumer checking account to nearly anyone with a U.S. bank account and an email address. It’s easy to enroll and makes exchanging money with your friends and family easy.

Remote Deposit

An added bonus that is handy for a business is a machine for remote deposit. Remote deposit includes a machine that allows you to digitally scan your checks, and your money automatically is deposited into your account. You can make deposits to multiple accounts online. It also eliminates the risk of your checks getting lost or stolen. All deposits are recorded online immediately after scanning the check. It’s a very convenient way to manage the money going in and out of your business.

These options are very convenient for independent customers and businesses, eliminating the need for your money to travel anywhere between you and your bank account.  Contact us to discuss how we can make banking more convenient for you.


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5 tips to Grow Your Company

Posted by Luke Riordan on Mon, Jan 13, 2014 @ 11:48 AM

tree growing out of money

Start-up companies all want to do the same thing: to grow and be successful. But it is easy to get caught up in small details, when in reality it is necessary to focus on the big picture.  What exactly do we need to get done, and how must we do it in order to gain customers and grow?  Here are five tips that can help aid in the growth process:

  1. Pick and choose your battles:  do not get wrapped up for a week deciding on little things, such as the theme colors for your company’s next advertisement.  There are more important things to obsess over, such as gaining customers and making money (which you already knew).  Remember what the big picture is and have your team remained focused.
  2. Remember passion and commitment: These traits must be in every employers’ mind in order to get your business to the other side and grow!  Without passion and commitment, your customers, team, advisors, and investors will notice.
  3. Create a sense of urgency: it is necessary to set specific timelines for action and achievements.  What are your overall short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals and how are you going to get there?  Being an entrepreneur is a marathon, yes, but there are also a significant number of sprints through the process.  Be crucial to your deadlines.
  4. There is no “I” in start-up: We understand as an entrepreneur, you desire to take the bull by the horns and have a set vision for how you want to develop the company.  But it is necessary to divide projects and use your team’s ideas.  Ask for your team to be creative and come up with new, exciting ways to grow your business.  You never know what they might come up with that you did not think about before!
  5. Celebrate achievements: when one of your team members is exceeding expectations, or a milestone occurs, award yourself and your team! By celebrating these achievements, a new sense of motivation will occur and it will drive energy into your team.

At Minnesota National Bank, we know it is a lot of work to grow your company from start up to a mid-sized company. Don't hestaite to contact us for your business financing needs, we are here to help!

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Summer is A Time of Spending

Posted by Luke Riordan on Wed, Jun 26, 2013 @ 11:51 AM

Family vacations, summer camps, higher food bills, updating wardrobes and high electric bills can do some damage on your account but it doesn’t have to!

The beautiful weather puts all of us Minnesotans in a great mood and it’s when we want all of those fun outdoor toys. We wanted to create a blog post dedicated to suggesting money saving tips for the summer season. Because we are community focused business, and we want the best for everyone that banks with us and to be able to keep more but still get just as much. It’s hard for families to keep everyone happy but still stay within budget.

describe the image

Everyday Tips

  • Cook outside. Using the stove or baking in the oven can create a lot of excess heat that has nowhere to go except in your house.
  • Dry your laundry outside if able.
  • Replace air conditioner filters or better yet, turn it off, especially if you aren’t home.
  • Avoid using your car when possible, you’ll save gas and burn some calories in the process.

Family Activities

  • Take the kids out to a national park and enjoy the nature with a picnic, way cheaper than seeing a movie!
  • If on vacation, always check if kids eat and stay for free, as many brand name hotels are in on the great deal.
  • Check out what’s going on for free in your city, there is sure to be free concerts, parades or festivals.
  • If visiting theme parks is on your horizon, search the Internet for online coupons or deals before committing, there is bound to be promotions online.  Also, look for bundle packages if available!

Something that is really important is to plan your spending ahead of time! Decide what is a priority as far as what you and your family wants to do in the summer. Feel free to contact us if you need some help budgeting.

How we are an active part of our communities: http://www.mn-bank.com/community

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Spring Into Action

Posted by Luke Riordan on Fri, Apr 05, 2013 @ 03:04 PM

We all know how unpredictable Minnesota weather is, we think it’s safe to say that spring is finally here! For most people, this marks that it is time for that daunting but much needed task: spring cleaning. Though it can be very tiresome, spring cleaning gives you an opportunity to throw open the windows, let some fresh air in, and make your home clean, happy and spacious inside and out again. What most people don’t realize, though, is that spring can also be a great time to tidy up your finances. Spring cleaning your finances is a bit like going to the dentist – we don’t particularly like to do it and should probably do it more often. However, the more regularly you do it, the less chance there is of a painful surprise.


financial spring cleaning


One way to do this is to get rid of clutter. Just as you do around the house, spring is a good time to go through your finances and toss out things that no longer fit your life, such as a cable or magazine subscription. Another way to reduce the clutter is to sweep away those winter bills. If those holiday bills are still haunting you, this is a good time to get rid of them. Some great ways to make some extra money is to plan a garage sale, sell stuff online or even volunteer for overtime at work.


Another great way to spring clean those finances is to begin organizing for next year’s taxes. Create a folder, paper or on your computer, to hold all valuable information including all of the charitable deductions you make throughout the year. The same can be done with your spending. By keeping track of every penny, it will give you some perspective on how much money you can or can’t spend at any given time.


Spring time, especially in Minnesota, is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. It is a time to clear out the old and prepare for the year ahead. By spring cleaning your finances, you can weed out finances holding you down, organize your present situation and set yourself up for an easier, more relaxing future. Enjoy your spring everyone!

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