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Protecting Your Privacy

Customer privacy and confidentiality are essential elements in the banking industry. We understand the special responsibility we have, so our Code of Ethics was designed to keep your personal information confidential. Employees are obligated not to discuss your personal information either inside or outside the bank without your prior consent unless the employee is using that information for legitimate business purposes.

Minnesota National Bank does not collect sensitive information about site users and site users are advised to refrain from sending any confidential information such as account numbers and social security numbers via email. Personal information may be collected from site users, but will only be used for purposes of managing the website or to obtain information relating to your level of interest in a particular product or service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Website Visitors

Visitors to the Minnesota National Bank public Web site remain anonymous. Minnesota National Bank does not collect identifying information about visitors to our site. Minnesota National Bank uses standard software to collect non-identifying information about visitors such as date and time our site was accessed, pages viewed, and web browser used. Minnesota National Bank uses this information to determine the level of interest in information available on our site. Visitors may elect to provide us with personal information. This information is processed internally as appropriate, to handle the user's request.

For a full review of our privacy statement, click on the document (below).

MNB Privacy Statement

Protecting the privacy of our customers.