Remote Deposit

Upgrade the Way You Bank with Remote Deposit

Daily Deposits - Zero Trips to the Bank

Minnesota National Bank remote deposit scannerAs your business banking partner, we are always looking for ways to keep your business in the fast lane. We are pleased to offer Remote Deposit to make banking faster and easier for your business!

Using a simple desk-top scanner and patent-pending Web-based technology, Remote Deposit allows you to scan, submit and deposit all your checks electronically from the convenience of your desk, giving you more time to spend on the business at hand - your business.

Is Remote Deposit Right for Your Business?

Take this quick and simple quiz. The more YES answers you have to these questions, the more useful Remote Deposit will be to your business.

  1. Do you make more than 2 trips to the bank a month?
  2. Is it difficult to get to the bank during regular banking hours?
  3. Do you pay an employee or courier to make bank transactions?
  4. Is cash flow important?
  5. Do you own a computer with Internet access?

The Facts About Remote Deposit

  • Convenient No-Hassle Banking - No more daily trips to the bank. Deposit checks right from your desktop.
  • Save Time - No more loss of business “prime time“ by you or your employees. Make deposits 24/7 anytime it’s convenient for you.
  • Improve Cash Flow - No more checks piling up. Get them to the bank and put that cash to work right away.
  • Lower Risk and Decreased Liability - No more risk of lawsuits and Workers’ Compensation claims from any accidents on the way to the bank. Eliminate risk of theft along the way.
  • Peace of Mind - More time, more productivity, better cash flow, lower risk. With Remote Deposit, banking is just one less thing to worry about.
  • Allocate Funds into Multiple Accounts - No paperwork, just a few clicks and you can easily divide your deposit into different accounts.
  • Easy Record-Keeping - Statements are available online and your deposits are recorded immediately.
  • Easy Installation and Use - We'll assist you in purchasing the check scanner and assist you in installing the system. The primary thing you'll need is a compatible Internet-enabled PC with a browser.

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Download the Remote Deposit brochure here.