The Importance of Buying Local

The Importance of Buying Local

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Sometimes it's easy to overlook local establishments when spending money to get the necessities we need. This is especially easy today because big brand stores are becoming more and more prevalent and are driving local stores and companies out of business. It is important to buy local for many reasons and keep the money in your community.

There are many reasons you should be buying local. For starters, buying local helps to support yourself and keeps the money in the community. When you buy local, the money that you are spending is not going to a large company that has its headquarters in another state, or county. Instead the money stays in your town and more than likely is used to help out other business’ and organizations in the community. Did you know that non-profit organizations receive more than 250% greater support from small business owners than large corporations?

Every community has a few local establishments that are unique. These are the sort of places that people love to go because they are one of a kind. When you support these types of businesses you're making a direct impact to help keep that establishment in your community. You also can help protect the environment by shopping local. When you shop local you help save on shipping and transportation fees as well as less congestion and pollution.

We bet you didn’t know that small local businesses are the largest employer nationally and create the highest number of jobs across the country! The best part about that is you will get better service at a locally owned business than you will at a large corporation. Small business owners take the time to get to know their customers and develop strong bonds with the people that support them. You won’t get this at a big business, which is really only interested in your money.

Every time you buy local you are directly making a positive impact on your community and its economy. Local businesses are owned by people in the community. This means that they are directly invested in your community and its future and are highly unlikely to leave. Not only are they invested in the future of the community but they also require much less money on investments in infrastructure and are more efficient on the use of public services. Small businesses also have the ability to bring in products that their community needs, rather than be based around the needs of a large company and a broad demographic.

Buying local is an easy way to support your community and helps keep money in its economy. When you shop local you not only help that store, but every person and business that helps supply that business. A small business will base itself around you and the owners will make connections with clientele to give you a very personalized experience.